Electronic Circuit Design

  • We specialise in Audio circuits! – of course this includes amplfiers, pre-amps, class D amps, Bluetooth Audio, USB audio, high speed audio processing in FPGAs, switching power supplies, high voltage supplies, general micro controllers, design for manufacture and design for compliance. So basically, it’s ‘All’ electronics, but we tend to prefer (and have lots of experience with) all things Audio.
  • High quality ADC/DACs (ESS AKM, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices
  • USB Audio
  • Bluetooth (CSR8670 & CSR8675) – custom firmware builds and DSP programming of Kalimba.

PCB Layout

  • PCB layouts
  • We can arrange PCB manfacture  all the way from a few prototypes to large production runs.
  • Test procedures for PCBs/line testing of products.

DSP / Signal Processing

  • Algorithm Development and Licensing
  • Real-time Ultrasound Processing
  • Simulation and Modelling – we’ve worked in Matlab, Octave, Python, WXMaxima, MaxMSP, Spice and many more…!
  • Custom Signal Processing Engines in FPGAs
  • DSP in HDL/Verilog

3D Prototyping and 3D Printing

  • Casework
  • 3D Printing
  • Verilog & HDL development for FPGA & ASIC
  • PCB design including consdierations for 3D impacts, aesthetic

Design for, and remedial work for CE marking/EMC compliance.

  • EMC-aware circuit and layout design
  • In-depth knowledge of test procedures
  • Guiding products through real-world EMC tests
  • Troubleshooting and fixing of products rejected at EMC tests