Radix 2 can help bring your technology to life, providing:

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Development of Analog Signal Processing and Digital Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Design of PCB layout, designed-for-compliance & manufacture
  • In-house build of prototype PCB assemblies
  • Managment of larger prototype PCB runs and full production runs (UK and overseas)
  • Embedded software & firmware development
  • Real-time Digital Signal Processing applications as plug-ins or stand-alone applicactions
  • Real Time Digital Signal Processing on ‘other’ archtectures, (systole

We specialise in all things audio, including very high quality analog and digital conversion, bluetooth, USB audio, audio signal processing and real time ultrasonic processing.

Since 2006, we’ve helped many clients with prototyping, early-stage manufacture, and full volume manufacture of complex audio electronics products, and have an establisehd track record of working closely and organically with clients to solve design problems and produce high-quality products demonstrating exemplary attention to detail, sound and aesthetics.

Clients have ranged from individuals up to some of the most well-known audio sector businesses in the world, we invite you to reach out to us with any query you have:

We love a challenge!